Dual Unit Touch Free Sensor and EDR Button


- Touch Free Sensor Button
- Stainless Steel Plate
- Comined Emergency Door Release Button

- Application – Complies with Risk Assessment – RA001, EN50133
Industrial Codes of Practice.
- Complies with Health and Safety Regulations – no sharp edges.
- Screw footprint for flush fitting onto standard back box


- Touch Free Sensor Button
- Illumination Red/Green (Adjustable)
- Adjustable Proximity Distance
- Combined Access Button and Emergency Release
- High Impact Plastic Back Box
- Designed for greater than 1million operations
- Etched Legend
- Security Screws (Allen Key Type)
- Triple contact audible/ LED Warning (selectable)
- N/O - N/C at 30 V AC/DC
- Emergency Release Plastic Front Cover flips up for operation
- Key Reset (Not Relacement Glass)